Umweltdaten aufzeichnen mit dem Umweltmonitoringsystem UMS

Features of environmental monitoring

Key Features of environmental monitoring system EMS

  • Web-enabled environmental monitoring system for emissions and carbon footprint – consisting of environmental data logger(s), environmental data calculator(s) and client application
  • Flexible, adaptable complete solution for legally compliant, efficient handling and reporting of emissions and pollutants
  • Maximum data security (multiple encryption and quadruple backups)
  • Alert sent by text or e-mail if a limit is exceeded or fault detected
  • Access authorization and security concept with logging of all activities
  • Interfaces to existing individual systems and meters possible
  • Integrated quality control system
  • Data management in trust
  • After-sales service with remote maintenance
  • Innovative data export and footprint solutions
  • Analysis software for standard-compliant emissions declarations
  • Document management with archiving of inspection reports, logs, etc.

Standards and Legislation that EMS Supports

  • Requirements for evaluation equipment ÖNORM M 9412
  • Quality assurance for automated measuring systems ÖNORM EN 14181
  • Anti-pollution act for boilers (EG-K)
  • Clean air act for boilers (LRG-K)
  • Waste incineration directive (AVV)
  • Air emissions measurement directive (EMV-L)
  • Clean air directive for boilers (LRV-K)
  • Emission Allowance Trading Act (EZG) – Federal Law Gazette I No. 46/2004 and supplementary provision 458 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
  • Greenhouse gas emission allowance trading, EU Directive 2003/87/EC
  • EU Guidelines Article 7 (quality assurance and control)