Umweltmonitoring mit UMS Monitoring Software

EMS – Systematic environmental monitoring

How can your company benefit from our environmental monitoring system (EMS)? It meticulously records and analyses your environmental data. Is standard compliant and can be customized. Including quadruple backups.

Where compliance with standards, guidelines and legal requirements governing emissions and pollutants is mandatory, our environmental monitoring system is unrivalled. EMS not only meets a large number of rules and regulations, but also gives you an integrated complete solution for handling and reporting pollutants and emissions, which you can use to optimize your internal processes. The environmental monitoring system is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We give you comprehensive advice, deliver all the hardware and software components required, and support you from the initial analysis to roll out of the complete project. And longer if you wish. Your data, evaluations and analyses are stored in at least four places. Secure intranet access makes them available to you round the clock.

Highest Quality for over 25 years

Our environmental monitoring systems (also called environmental data calculators, emissions calculators or in the standard: emissions evaluation equipment) have been in use at our customers in trade and industry for over 25 years. They feature the highest standards of quality and reliability. After system installation, our EMS specialists are also happy to provide you with a wide range of services (remote maintenance, round-the-clock availability, spare parts supply, etc.). Which many customers greatly appreciate.

Your Advantages with EMS

  • Legally and standard compliant monitoring and recording of corporate emissions and pollutants
  • Highest quality, security and reliability
  • Custom adaptation to your company and your wishes
  • Rapid, professional installation by our EMS team
Umweltdaten aufzeichnen mit dem Umweltmonitoringsystem UMS

Features of environmental monitoring

Key Features of environmental monitoring system EMS

  • Web-enabled environmental monitoring system for emissions and carbon footprint – consisting of environmental data logger(s), environmental data calculator(s) and client application
  • Flexible, adaptable complete solution for legally compliant, efficient handling and reporting of emissions and pollutants
  • Maximum data security (multiple encryption and quadruple backups)
  • Alert sent by text or e-mail if a limit is exceeded or fault detected
  • Access authorization and security concept with logging of all activities
  • Interfaces to existing individual systems and meters possible
  • Integrated quality control system
  • Data management in trust
  • After-sales service with remote maintenance
  • Innovative data export and footprint solutions
  • Analysis software for standard-compliant emissions declarations
  • Document management with archiving of inspection reports, logs, etc.

Standards and Legislation that EMS Supports

  • Requirements for evaluation equipment ÖNORM M 9412
  • Quality assurance for automated measuring systems ÖNORM EN 14181
  • Anti-pollution act for boilers (EG-K)
  • Clean air act for boilers (LRG-K)
  • Waste incineration directive (AVV)
  • Air emissions measurement directive (EMV-L)
  • Clean air directive for boilers (LRV-K)
  • Emission Allowance Trading Act (EZG) – Federal Law Gazette I No. 46/2004 and supplementary provision 458 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
  • Greenhouse gas emission allowance trading, EU Directive 2003/87/EC
  • EU Guidelines Article 7 (quality assurance and control)

Concept of environmental monitoring system