Energiemanagementsystem nach ISO 50001

BLUAUL – Smart energy management

What can BLUAUL energy management system do? Record and analyze the energy flows in your company with little effort. Increase energy efficiency. Reduce energy costs. And, what is more, in the long term.

Just imagine: one complete system monitors all the energy flows in your company. The consumption of electricity, heat, water, fuels, etc. is metered. We also take the building envelope into consideration. The readings are sent to an overall system where they are recorded. In real time and with high security. Data from existing systems (e.g. occupancy rate in a hotel or capacity utilization in manufacturing) can also be aggregated into energy management system if required. It is entered through interfaces. BLUAUL links everything and provides you with conclusive analyses. Fully automatically and reliably. You can then identify potential for improvement and decide on concrete action to take. The effect: energy efficiency increases in your company. Energy costs are reduced in the long term. Legal requirements are met.

Tailored to Your Company

Our BLUAUL team consists of recognized specialists who have already advised hundreds of businesses on energy management. Supporting you all the way to your custom energy management system, they put your wishes into action quickly and to the letter. Professional energy consulting, custom programming, organizing hardware components, installation on site, continuous quality assurance and reliable service are a matter of course for us. Incidentally, during the initial analysis we also conduct energy audits.

Your Benefits from BLUAUL

  • Constant control over energy consumption in the company (electricity, heat, water…)
  • Long-term energy savings of 8 to 10 percent on average (up to 30 percent in energy-intensive operations)
  • Increased energy efficiency in buildings and processes
  • Comfort remains the same while energy costs are reduced
  • Low capital expenditure (return on investment: about 1.5 years)


energy management system

Features of energy management

Key Features of BLUAUL

  • Modular, flexible and extremely customizable energy management system
  • Interfaces to existing individual systems and meters possible
  • Maximum data security (multiple encryption and backups)
  • Professional support and coaching provided by our BLUAUL team
  • Individual evaluations, analyses and charts
  • Analyses can be imported from the system for communication purposes
  • Data and charts can be accessed on the internet round the clock
  • Documentation storage possible

Standards and Legislation that BLUAUL Supports

Concept of energy management system