Energiestudien und Energiekonzepte

Energy Concepts (Energy Studies)

We show the inherent potential for saving energy and costs in modern, consistent energy concepts. When developing them, we not only take the technical and commercial but also the energy market requirements into account. They are most successful when the data needed to develop them is collected over a certain period beforehand. This applies to data on buildings, systems, use patterns, etc. The first step is therefore often to develop an energy monitoring concept and install the recording system required.

Basis for Making Investment Decisions

The dynamic economic efficiency of your energy system serves as the basis for making decisions regarding investment projects (capital expenditure budgeting). In addition to determining economic viability, our energy consultants also compare various different options. The best solutions that emerge are put out to tender and ideally implemented as soon as possible. Before implementation, projects can be evaluated with feasibility studies as required. If they prove negative, the previously developed energy concepts can be further modified.



We can supply additional expert knowledge on efficient energy use and optimizing process flows in your project with the greeniXcloud. The goal is to create a ZERO CO2 EMISSIONS heating and cooling network with GeoSolar 2.0 energy generation, where the focus is on dispensing with fossil energy resources for heating and cooling