Energieberatung und Energiestudien

Energy Coaching and Energy Efficiency Advice

Why not make your company even more energy efficient and reduce your energy costs to a minimum? Our energy consultants will be happy to assist you with smart energy management. They interpret your company’s key energy data, examine the energy flows, and analyze internal and external factors affecting figures. Based on the results of their analysis, they show the potential for saving energy, establish energy efficiency measures, and support you during implementation.

This process also takes important aspects into account, such as:
•    What purpose does energy use have to meet?
•    What final state do you aim to achieve with energy use?
•    Are there any environmentally and economically attractive alternatives to the resources and energy systems used?

Permanent Energy Monitoring

Before we can carry out an accurate, solid analysis, we need data that is as reliable as possible. We have found we achieve by far the best data quality when using energy monitoring systems that continuously record consumption of the various services. The data obtained from the monitoring system then enables us to identify potential for saving energy very accurately. Energy monitoring systems are also excellent for gauging the success and sustainability of energy saving measures.

Custom Train-the-Trainer Seminars for Energy Managers

Our train-the-trainer seminars are aimed at supporting you as an energy manager in all technical areas and, in particular, in interpreting the monitoring results you obtain. You can specify the scope and content of the seminar yourself. Together with our team of consultants, we will develop solutions and measures for improving energy management and energy efficiency in your company.